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5MM Light Dependent Resistor Photoresistor GL5528 LDR (1Pcs)


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LDR Features

  • Can be used to sense Light
  • Easy to use on Breadboard or Perf Board
  • Easy to use with Microcontrollers or even with normal Digital/Analog IC
  • Small, cheap and easily available
  • Available in PG5 ,PG5-MP, PG12, PG12-MP, PG20 and PG20-MP series

How to use a LDR sensor

As said earlier a LDR is just like a resistor, hence using it is very easy. There are many ways and different circuit in which an LDR can be used. For instance it can be used with Microcontroller Development platforms like Arduino, PIC or even normal Analog IC’s like Op-amps. But, here we will use a very simple circuit like a potential divider so that it can be adapted for most of the projects.

A potential Divider is a circuit which has two resistors in series. A constant voltage will be applied across the both the resistor and the output voltage will be measured from the lower resistor. In our case, the lower resistor will be a LDR and the constant voltage will be +5V. The set-up is shown below

Simple LDR circuit diagram

LDR Dimensions


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