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BT136-600D TRIAC 600V 4A


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Planar passivated very sensitive gate four quadrant triac in a SOT78 plastic package
intended for use in general purpose bidirectional switching and phase control
applications, where high sensitivity is required in all four quadrants. This very sensitive
gate “series D” triac is intended to be interfaced directly to microcontrollers, logic
integrated circuits and other low power gate trigger circuits.


Features and benefits
• Direct triggering from low power drivers and logic ICs
• High blocking voltage capability
• Low holding current for low current loads and lowest EMI at commutation
• Planar passivated for voltage ruggedness and reliability
• Triggering in all four quadrants
• Very sensitive gate


Attribute Value
Rated Average On-State Current 4A
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package Type TO-220AB
Maximum Gate Trigger Current 10mA
Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 600V
Surge Current Rating 27A
Pin Count 3
Maximum Gate Trigger Voltage 1.5V
Repetitive Peak Forward Blocking Voltage 600V
Maximum Holding Current 10mA
Dimensions 10.3 x 4.7 x 9.4mm
Length 10.3mm
Width 4.7mm
Height 9.4mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +125 °C
Repetitive Peak Off-State Current 0.5mA
Peak On-State Voltage 1.7V
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C


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