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NRF24L01 antenna V5.0 + PA + LNA SMA wireless Module 8 Pin 1100 meters

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NRF24L01 with PA and LNA is compatible with NRF24L01+(NRF24L01P), and there are same interface. These are add a power amplifier(PA) circuit and Low Noise Amplifier(LNA) circuit, which could transmit longer distances and more stable performance for industry standard. Increased PA and LNA, RF switch, band pass filter, formed a professional full two-way RF power amplifier, making effective communication for greatly increased. The transmission distance to reach 1000 meter with 2DB Antenna at 250kbps data rate on open area.

Package Includes:

  • 1. One Piece new NRF24L01 with anteena V5.0 +PA + LNA wireless Module 8 Pin
  • 2. Module can be used with Arduino, Mbed, ARM or any other MCU
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  • . Worldwide 2.4GHz ISM band operation,Free license to use.
  • 2. 126 RF channels.
  • 3. High air data rate: 250kbps, 1 and 2Mbps.
  • 4. Transmitter: 11.3mA at 0dBm output power.
  • 5. Receiver: Fast AGC for improved dynamic range.
  • 6. Receiver: Integrated channel filters.
  • 7. Enhanced ShockBurst™:1 to 32 bytes dynamic payload length,6 data pipe MultiCeiver™ for 1:6 star networks.
  • 8. Host Interface:4-pin hardware SPI,3 separate 32 bytes TX and RX FIFOs.
  • 9. Low Power Management:1.9 to 3.6V supply range.
  • 10. GFSK modulation.


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